PAROPKARTM KACHI GHANI MUSTARD OIL is one of the most popular choices among the Indian consumers. Prepared from handpicked mustard seeds, ParopkarTM Mustard Oil adds the delightful taste to everymeal. To retain high pungencyand benefits of mustard, the seeds are processed using modernise machinery and equipments. ParopkarTM kachi ghani mustard oil is purified and packed in food graded packaging. For its trusted quality and health benefits, ParopkarTM mustar oil has become a household name.


Mustard oil is not any ordinary oil but has many beneficial properties for your health and body. It has no trans-fats, has low saturated fats, high mono-unsaturated fats (MUFA), high polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 and stability at high temperatures, which makes it ideal for Indian cooking and even deep frying.

ParokarTM Mustard oil contains rich amounts of MUFA and PUFA which lowers the risk of developing heart disease by 50%

Act as an appetizer and proven to increases hunger substantially.

Kachi Ghani mustard oil can be used as a healthy tonic to promote overall health and wellness of the body.